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      Lucia m .
      United States United States

      Perfect and high quality product at a low cost!!

      Awesome product. Purchased after using the same one during physical therapy. I expected it to cost much more. I’m so glad it was so inexpensive! Gel filled so it doesn’t become hard. Very easy to form/mold to whatever shape needed. I used it to wrap around my elbow. My wife has used it on her back. I recommend using a pillow case as this will allow the cold to transfer much better than a towel. I felt nothing after 20 minutes with a towel. Skin was still warm. If you want a deep cool, use a pillow case. You can always add a towel if it it too cold!


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      OAKLYNN W.
      United States United States


      This is perfect for my needs. (I saw some people were complaining about it dripping water, it's an ice pack folks. If you put it in the freezer with condensation on it, the condensation freezes, so when you take it out again it melts - hence the water. It's called science.) This pack is nice and thick and a good size for upper back or lower back. (If you want both, I suggest you go with the larger pack which I also purchased.) It's holds it freeze longer than other packs and is well made. I've used it several times already and don't know how I went without it before.


      Thank you for our kind review!

      Eason h .
      United States United States

      Durable and cold

      I am in love with the size, the flexibility and the way this pack holds the cold. It works great inside a pillowcase to avoid a little bit of the direct cold. Its almost big enough to wrap around my entire ankle, go across my entire back, or spread across one side of my leg. What else is there to say apart from I've gone through a lot of ice packs. Some don't get cold enough and some break very easily, and this one is both durable and cold enough to ice for at least 20 min.


      Thank you for taking the time to give us a review :)

      Sarah J .
      United States United States

      Can't believe I never got one of these before. Save the environment.

      I use this everyday after PT on my ankle. Why didn't I buy this before? This is the largest I could find. It wraps my ankle plus. A little overkill for just my ankle. But I plan to use it for other larger needs. I can't believe I didn't get one of these before. I have used so many zipper type plastic bags and ice. I use it with an old pillow case to protect my body from freeze. Also recommend wiping down the pack with pillow case before putting back in the freezer to keep from icing up the pack and also adding frost to your freezer.


      We appreciate your review!

      LUELLA r .
      United States United States

      Freeze your injuries right off with these babies!!!

      I'm so glad I found these! I played college sports and had a trainer that sent us to the ice whirlpool when we had minor-moderate injuries. So I like my cold therapy VERY cold. I bought 2 of these to ice my foot after PT (recovering from foot surgery) and these babies are COLD! I always feel amazing after using them. Don't take this as gospel, because body/skin types vary, but they don't get so cold that you have to worry about ice burn or frostbite. I mistakenly/stupidly left one on for 40 min once w/ direct skin contact and didn't get ice burn.


      Thank you for taking the time to give us a review :)