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      Pierce V .
      United States United States

      Great to use during winter when you have to be outside for awhile

      When winter hits and I have outdoor events or chores to do I have a very hard time staying warm long enough to enjoy what I am doing. I got these to try and help me tolerate sledding, and snowball fights, etc with my kiddos. They fit in my boots easily and are comfortable. The actual sole is not noticeable and the wire running to the battery pack is small and stays out of the way. The battery pack is compact and straps up high enough that it sits above most of my boots. They heat up the whole foot area pretty well, could be better at the toes, but that is the coldest part of my foot normally. The longest I have used them was 3 hours and they lasted the entire time. I didn't pay close attention to how long the battery took to charge. Great insole, wish I had them much earlier in my lif.


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      ALIYA h .
      United States United States

      Toasty Warm

      I haven’t trimmed these yet because I haven’t decided which shoes I will put them but they work great. My feet are going to be so warm and toasty for long, sledding adventures this winter. I have large (10.5-11 women’s) feet and there is more than enough to trim away to fit my shoes properly. I’m a minimalist shoe wearer, so one thing that concerned me was the thickness of the insert and being able to feel the wires. I’m happy to report that these are thin to conform to the inside of your shoe without being noticeable. I also could not detect the wires inside. The battery packs are pretty compact and comfortable to wear around your calf, inside your pants. I’m happy with them and excited to use them. I think I’m going to fit them to my vivo barefoot shoes which make my feet a bit cold in cooler weather and use them inside my larger sorel boots as needed.


      Thank you for our kind review!

      Collins F.
      United States United States

      Great for working nights

      I work nights outside and it's starting to get really cold. I did have to trim these just a bit but the references underneath the insoles made this really easy. On a full charge, they really do warm your feet up without overheating them. On that same full charge, since I don't need them throughout the whole time, they usually last me for 2 shifts. Rather than keep the cord out of my boots, I do just tuck them inside and this works for the times that I have had to pull them out and recharge them while I'm working. I haven't needed to wash them, but they did come with instructions on how to wash them if I need to. Great insoles and now my feet are warm during work.


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      Yamileth O.
      United States United States

      Excellent heated insoles

      Excellent heated insoles don’t keep your feet warm for hours. These came on time and as described. They are an excellent value and in the long run they’re gonna save us so much money over buying the throwaway warming pads for my feet. This is a great product for anyone that works outside or there’s any kind of outdoor walking or outdoor sports easy to cut to any size foot. Excellent value. Hold a charge. Happy with this item.


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      Ayleen l.
      United States United States

      I can stay outside longer now

      I am always cold so I was really excited when I found these heated insoles. They they don't get super hot and offer enough heat to keep me warm outside for a long time. Pros: *insoles can be cut to fit various shoe sizes. I cut them to my shoe size but they still work in my spouse 's shoes that are bigger. *insoles are thin so they don't add a lot of bulk to my shoes. I barely notice a difference *warms up very quickly and battery lasts for several hours * the set comes with a usb charging cable and a charging block. I like this because a lot of products today don't come with the actual block. * everything stores nicely in the original box. When I'm going out I just grabbed the whole set and bring it to my car. That way I can wear my insoles and recharge the batteries as needed Suggestions: *The best way to get an accurate cut is to take out your current insole and trace it. The first one I cut I used the existing lines and it didn't work as well as when I traced my own insole. * the insoles work by battery power. The batteries have to be attached to your leg via a comfortable carrying bag and a velcro strap. When I'm finished wearing them, I leave the batteries right in the bag and charge them that way.


      Thank you for taking the time to give us a review :)