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      Gwen p.
      United States United States

      Aqua magic doodle

      My kids love this! & So do I!! They love painting and drawing but always make a mess.. With this you only use water so no mess left to clean up! Awesome!! If something happened to this one I'd definitely buy another! The mat is good size. Can lay flat on the floor or hang on a wall. Plenty big enough for 2-4kids at a time. Comes with a case with 6 stamps, 4 pencils and a paint brush. The paint brush doesn't work to well but the pencils work amazingly well & so do the stamps, also comes with stencils and foam punch outs.


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      Alexis v.
      United States United States

      My daughter loves it but the reviews don’t do it justice.

      WOW! I got this for my almost 2 year old. She absolutely loves it. She played with it for 4 hours yesterday. Only thing that I disliked was that it doesn’t dry quickly and there was a spot that does not erase which the reviews were right about. Some of these reviews had me so skeptical to purchase this product! I am happy to say it was bigger than I expected because the reviews made me think it was so small. It was rather large. I also was cautious about the pens leaking... the pens don’t leak if you put them on correctly. Make sure the cap is flush to the pen and you won’t have any leakage. If you follow directions and soak the pens in warm water before trying to open them.. they open perfectly. The reviews sometimes are not always correct. Sometimes people don’t have patience.


      Thank you for our kind review!

      CHRISTINA q .
      United States United States

      good product for draw

      My girls love it very much. I am very satisfied too.I bought this water drawing mat this time.Before Every time childrens drawing. they made the house so dirty. I have to clean it up. And the smallest baby also put the brush to bite. It was really annoying me... so I didn't dare to buy this type of toy for a long time...I tried to buy this one this time. It doesn't use any paint, it just draws with water, and it doesn't get dirty. At the beginning, came out different colors, but after she made every wet, it came out a rainbow. They enjoyed it.


      Thank you for taking the time to give us a review :)

      Presley S .
      United States United States

      It's great, but...

      A six year old and eight year old girl used this mat the other day and loved it. They are pretty artistic and energetic and quickly figured out that water made the colors appear through the mat. So after exhausting the "doodling" and "stenciling" and "stamping" (with the tiny little stamps, which I kind of thought were a waste and were actually pretty quickly ignored by the kids) they decided to just get the entire mat wet and see what happened. What happened was that they had a large rainbow, but, being kids, they didn't understand that they would have to wait for the mat to dry before they could use it again. And since they had pretty much soaked it thoroughly, they had a reeeeeealllllly long wait. Which they did not like. So there was a life lesson on actions and consquences, which was pretty cool for me, not so much for them, so I might caution others to keep an eye on the "let's soak the whole mat" thing. Otherwise, they loved it.


      We appreciate your review!

      Elliana q.
      United States United States

      Lots of fun!

      My two year old loves playing with this (and mommy may as well!) The shape cutouts and small stamps are great for little ones. The pens are easy to fill with water and don’t seem to leak if you close them correctly. Lots of mess free fun!


      Thank you for taking the time to give us a review :)