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      Work Great Around Mailbox For a Two-Tier Garden

      This has been the joy of my summer. I am NOT a gardener and this has been successful beyond measure. Here are a few quick comments: 1. It has a bottom so you don't need to remove grass before using it. 2. "Mel's Mix", is recommended by many people here, but it's very expensive (1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss or coco coir, 1/3 good compost). So I used Mel's mix for the bulk of the soil, but used sand and cheap garden soil on the bottom, and Miracle-Grow for the topsoil. I can get anything to grow in this, and if I periodically add more good compost, the soil should last indefinitely. 3. Drainage is great. The breathable sides of the pot keep plants from being waterlogged. The vermiculite and peat moss in Mel's Mix also do a lot to balance the moisture. We had triple our normal rainfall this summer, and my plants did great. 4. If you put high-quality soil in this pot, you can use it to give plants a good start, and then transplant them to a different garden. I did this with my cucumber and it went crazy this year. I also resurrected some snapdragons that were on their last legs in the clearance aisle. 5. I put this around my mailbox. It was easy to cut an X through the bottom with heavy shears. I planted wave petunias in the regular clay soil surrounding the pot to hide the edges. This gave me a beautiful two-tier garden. I also put a heavy layer of mulch around the rest of of the mailbox area and set potted tomatoes on the mulch. 6. I planted lots of seasonal flowers and herbs, strawberries, and baby watermelons. When my melons started to vine, I just trained the vines over the side of the BBB and onto the mulch. After they grew even more, I moved my potted tomatoes to another location and let the vines take over. I don't see any reason why this wouldn't last through the winter. After the sunflowers die down I plan to put in mums, then add more compost and plant bulbs for next spring. In the winter I'm sure I can dress it up with Christmas decorations and maybe a snowman. : ) I've noticed that with the raised bed, neighbor kids seem to be more careful. I've never had any problems with kids stepping on plants or picking the flowers. No problems with animals, either. I really like the raised bed concept.


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      Love it

      Love it. Bought a mini and the original and would love more. Easiest set up, looks very durable, and is going to cover up areas of the grass that just won't grow! Very happy with these.


      Thank you for our kind review!


      Better Than I Expected

      WOW Love this. Easiest raised bed. I built my own raised bed here too but adding this to my garden, aah yeaaah. I was kind of expecting this but not as awesome. It's better then I thought. I'm ordering another one right now!


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      Wonderful Raised Sturdy Bed

      This is a super simple nice and deep raised bed. I am putting in an order for two more. Very pleased that the packaging does not include any plastic (bonus points here). No fussing with frames and supports. Good sturdy material. I filled it up with my own mix of 50% manure, 34% peat moss, 16% sand. I sift these ingredients using 1/4" wire mesh stretched over a wooden frame. It takes about 6 wheel barrows to fill. I have tried various raised beds over the years as the Island we live on is mostly rocks and poor soil. I like that this bed does not have a frame of wood, bricks or rocks that attract ants.


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      Wonderful Raised Bed

      This fabric raised bed has been one of the best gardening purchases I have ever made. This is my 3rd year using it. My mother and I both love gardening but we are aging and live in a rental house. Plowing up the ground is not an option nor is bending over to plant or ****. I saw this fabric bed reviewed on a garden show and thought it might solve some problems. The first year was the most difficult and expensive because I had to fill the bed with the proper soil mix. It's been a breeze since then. In the fall, I just dump all the pots on top of this raised bed and then throw in some manure and granite dust. Then I cover the entire thing with black plastic and let it sit there all winter. By spring, I might adjust the soil mix a bit depending on what I plan to grow but not usually. The 1st year we grew a mix of tomatoes and peppers with good yield. Year 2 was all tomatoes and we had a terrific harvest. This year it's pole beans. I have included a few photos at the bottom. Keep in mind that I have not moved the bed since I put it down in the spring of 2014 and that the guys who mow our lawns and **** whack around it about once a week. It has stood up to all of that and quite a bit of snow and ice. It is an excellent investment.


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