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Shutter - The Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Shutter - The Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Cup
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The World's Best Camera Lens Coffee Mug

  • IDEAL TRAVEL BEVERAGE HOLDER: Looking to travel? Love to sip your coffee while you rush out of your home for the office every morning? This is the ideal professional coffee cup for the on-the-go use. Hurry, before it is gone! Limited time remaining!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR PHOTO: This mug is pretty amazing in how faithfully it mimics the actual 24-105 mm lens, features all the elements of the real lens including focus ring, scales and mode and stabilizer buttons. Your friends will gasp in horror when they catch sight of this quirky Camera Lens Mug and always ask you where to get one!
  • SPILL RESISTANT: The screw-on lid features a rubber o-ring to create a water-tight seal between it and the mug. The sip thumb slider lid is not completely spill-resistant, but can prevent big spills should you knock over your mug.
  • EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER IN A CAMERA LENS: This coffee mug with 304 stainless steel interior keeps drinks hot and serves you for a long time. Made with premium-quality thermos materials, BPA free plastic, safe to use for drinking.
  • MULTIPURPOSE CONTAINER: The cup can be used for numerous purposes including drinking beverages such as coffee, milk, water, fruit juice, ice-cream, and etc. You can also use it as ashtray, money box, planter and pen holder, as you can imagine.


  • Custom-designed to look just like a real DSLR lens
  • Perfect for coffee-lovers & photo buffs
  • Realistic details - including focus ring, grip, and more
  • Holds 13.5 oz of delicious, delicious coffee
  • The stainless steel lining keeps drinks hot and is extra easy to clean. The screw-top lid with sliding sip top keeps your coffee from spilling as you venture off road to capture that perfect shot